“Blocks Are My Life!”

“That’s How I Died…”

“The Lord of Blocks”

“Born 2 Build!”

Four zines! 8 pages each, 3 risograph colors in dozens of weird screentone combos!! Which are part of one infinitely looping zine!! Also includes a poster.

ALTERNATIVELY: Get the poster with a make-it-yourself book.

ALSO! Look for BLOCKS Comics on Tumblr!

Small Print / Real Talk: Look this is one book in a kind of basic book structure by which there isn’t one page that’s necessarily the cover. You can just keep turning the pages around and around, so each two-page spread acts as either the middle of a story, or the beginning and end to a story. If that’s confusing… try ordering the book! I thought this would be a fun way to design a poster for the LOOP de LOOP Animation Challenge, which is having a screening at Meltdown Comics

You can make this kind of book yourself by folding and cutting a single sheet of paper in a very easy way. Instructions are included on the poster. If you would like to make the book yourself AND support this artist a little more… buy the poster version, which I am selling for a few dollars extra, here.