GRAVITY Comix, by Ryan Cecil Smith

This my fourth and best-ever looping zine. It’s kinda like a mashup of Interstellar, Gravity with Sandra Bullock, Contact with Jodie Foster, and 2001: A Space Odyssey... it wraps into a holistic, infinitely-looping story about time travel, the force of gravity, and the power of love.

8 pages, A6 size, 4 faux-CMYK risograph colors... AND it folds out into a differently weird faux-CMYK poster. Yeah, this book is fun!

This is sorta like my first published fan fiction?! You can pick up a copy at the L.A. Loop de Loop animation screening, whose theme for this month is: (you guessed it) “GRAVITY.” Or you can buy the book directly from me in Osaka, Japan!

If you haven't bought these zines before, I thought I'd try selling them at a "four for the price of three" discount, here. They are all super cool, each one a different kind of eternally-loopign story, each printed with its own weird experiments. Or if you'd like, you can buy BLOCKS, Dr. Go-Go, and Another FACE Comic individually.

As always you can check out my Tumblr or Instagram for more information/updates/pictures of this and all my other books!