SF Supplementary File #2C

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Emeraldas descends to the core of a watery planet to rescue her young friend, Boundless Ocean Boy.

This is a hand-drawn, hand-written (and original translation) reproduction from Matsumoto Leiji’s 1979 science fiction manga series Queen Emeraldas.

11×17cm, risograph colors in Aqua, Red, Green, and Black. 52 interior pages printed in 11 colors: Green, Turquoise, Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Plum, Lavendar, Red, Black, Aqua, and Peach. Ships free, worldwide.

When I first read his work, the moral convictions of Leiji's characters felt alien and inspiring to me... and I wanted to share the feelings. I made this zine as an exercise to imitate a master's work, and have fun experimenting with risograph colors, too.