Imagine you lived on a planet in space! Imagine you were a teenager with no friends! Imagine you were interested in science but didn't really know what it is! Imagine an adventure of pirates, robots, dads and strangers across oceans, asteroid belts, and the deep blue sea of space!!!!

This is the first volume collecting my webcomic for Hazlitt in full color. I made this minicomic one time in just two colors... maybe you have that?? This version is better and there's more coming soon.

--36 Pages in full faux-CMYK screentone and imitation Copic "painted" color. Risograph, natch.
--S.F. "Small Format" - 9.5 x 13.5cm. I made it small so I could fit lots of full color pages on an A3 printer sheet!!
--Smooth guillotined edges! Satisfying!
--Cool heavy cardstock cover! Neat stylish endpages! Special instructions for how to read.

--More more coming soon! I think I've got this format nailed (I first tried it with My Dream Comic and I have a bunch of stuff I'll be printing in Japan and sending back to my U.S. central production office soon.
--Next book will probably be... Volume 2! But after that I have a totally awesome new scifi story. Get with the Small Format!!!