Style and Fashion Zine #1


Style and Fashion Zine starts this month! The premier issue is 24 risographed pages on a buncha types of paper, shipped to you from Osaka, Japan in a tall and slim 13.5cm x 27cm package. Special needle-and-thread binding. Protective cover sheets. It'll be cool if you're into fashion and/or Japan. I made it with Graeme McNee, who drew a section from Kobe.

When I was living in LA for a few months last year, I really missed the clothing and fashion and style in Japan! Now that I'm back I want to make the kind of thing I'd wish I could see if I were still away. There's lots of drawings, and some writing.

$15, international shipping is included. Buy it this weekend with SFZ 5 - use the options listed under that zine’s page - and I’ll ship them from Japan and take 20% off.

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