Summer School

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This is an old risograph print I made with no computers - only pen and brush drawings on cheap paper. This is one of the first multicolor risograph prints I did, before I got into mixing colors with screentone, so everything is nice and flat.

Risograph print on very soft paper. Hand-torn edges. 20cm x 27cm

I tried to give some texture to the print by letting the grain of the paper get picked up in all 3 print layers, so there are all these little dots and bits over the white of the paper. It's a funny effect that I haven't used much since then. It sorta makes the paper look dirty from a distance... and then pretty up close! (Why do I think that's cool? I don't know... but I do.)

The scene is from the garden near the parking lot at my high school in Japan. (my high school as a teacher, not a student!) It was later destroyed because the school system had to construct earthquake reinforcements all along the sides of the buildings.