Two Eyes of the Beautiful

$5.00 / Sold Out

Spring into the HORROR of Two Eyes of the Beautiful, a nightmare manga that’s ABOUT beautiful women, made FOR beautiful women, and drawn BY a normal person.

NO, I take it all back — this story is SICK, GROTESQUE, and ONLY for the BRAVE (and also the beautiful).

It's fun and funny, too. $5. Edition of 500. 28 pages, 17cm x 12cm. Risograph printed in Purple, Lavender, Yellow, Blue, and Black.

“I can’t recommend it enough.” – Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

“One one level it’s an experiment in wedding Smith’s thin-lined, loose altcomix style to the doe-eyed, slackjawed strangeness of Umezu’s character designs, and to the spectacle of his horrific “punchline” panels and pages. The wedding’s a happy one, milked mainly for the blackly comedic effect of the contrast." - Sean T. Collins