EMPATHY Zine Series


EMPATHY Zine Series, by Ryan Cecil Smith

My fifth looping zine is about JAZZMAN, the son of a Sultan, bequeathed at birth with everlasting empathy! He loves to listen and avoids aggression but pines for peers past his palace palisades.

Infinity times 8 pages, A6 size, 4 faux-CMYK risograph colors... AND yes it includes a poster on the back!

I'm excited about this because I'm using new experimental risograph color processes. Basically I'm trying to reproduce non-Copic marker colors, using Copic markers, with a CMYK color process, with non-CMYK risograph inks.

ALSO, did know, you can actually buy the first four looping zines in one discounted package! "Four for the price of three" - right here. They are all super cool, each one a different kind of eternally-loopign story, each printed with its own weird experiments. Or if you'd like, you can buy BLOCKS, Dr. Go-Go, and Another FACE Comic individually.

As always you can check out my Tumblr or Instagram for more information/updates/pictures of this and all my other books!